When Dreams Fail & Revival Never Comes: What Next?

June 1st, 2017


This is another transition episode, not really an official part of the programming for Season 2--and "transition" in the sense of slowly returning back to a normal schedule of content creation after my father passed away in January, which kickstarted a huge amount of change in life.


This episode is by far the most personal episode I've shared on this podcast. Things get real. I pour a bit of my heart out. (No tears though, sorry. Just a steady voice and some nifty intro/outro music.)


In this episode I share a succinct mini-biography of my ministry journey over the last 17 years or so, and I provide a very brief glimpse--a slightly out of focus fleeting impression--of what it's like to see 17 years of ministry work come crashing down in one colossal moment of loss.


Though I don't get into the gory details.


And it's not a downer episode.


I focus most of my time on highlighting the hope we have in Christ even "when revival never comes and dreams fail." And I skim over the first portion of a sermon preached by Dr. Tim Keller and glean a little morsel of it for inspiration.


Also, for the record, I made this episode after my interview with the director of "The Shack," Stuart Hazeldine. But, in truth, its content covers the time between my dad's death and that interview, so I felt it belonged before the "Shack" interview chronologically. My interview with Stuart and the topics we covered partly inspired the creation of this episode.

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