Stuart Hazeldine, Director of ‘The Shack,’ Talks God, Visual Storytelling & Adapting the Popular Book (Ep. 5 - Season 2)

June 3rd, 2017


Season 2 of my podcast--which was formerly called "Aslan's Paw" and is now "Stabs of Joy"--came to an abrupt halt when my father passed away unexpectedly and very suddenly in January 2017, after a brief battle with an extremely aggressive cancer. The event wrecked my world, frankly, and everything stopped for awhile--except for the memorial service tribute to my dad that was recorded and that I published on Jan. 17, 2017 on this podcast.


I'm happy to say that things are beginning to come back to life on this podcast, beginning with my first interview since late 2016. Episode 5 of Season 2 brings you Stuart Hazeldine, the director of the new film "The Shack," starring Sam Worthington and Octavia Spencer.


Besides listening to the interview here, you can also read the written version of it, along with some more details and thoughts I had about the interview, here at

When Dreams Fail & Revival Never Comes: What Next?

June 1st, 2017


This is another transition episode, not really an official part of the programming for Season 2--and "transition" in the sense of slowly returning back to a normal schedule of content creation after my father passed away in January, which kickstarted a huge amount of change in life.


This episode is by far the most personal episode I've shared on this podcast. Things get real. I pour a bit of my heart out. (No tears though, sorry. Just a steady voice and some nifty intro/outro music.)


In this episode I share a succinct mini-biography of my ministry journey over the last 17 years or so, and I provide a very brief glimpse--a slightly out of focus fleeting impression--of what it's like to see 17 years of ministry work come crashing down in one colossal moment of loss.


Though I don't get into the gory details.


And it's not a downer episode.


I focus most of my time on highlighting the hope we have in Christ even "when revival never comes and dreams fail." And I skim over the first portion of a sermon preached by Dr. Tim Keller and glean a little morsel of it for inspiration.


Also, for the record, I made this episode after my interview with the director of "The Shack," Stuart Hazeldine. But, in truth, its content covers the time between my dad's death and that interview, so I felt it belonged before the "Shack" interview chronologically. My interview with Stuart and the topics we covered partly inspired the creation of this episode.