Interview: Producer James Younger Talks ‘Story of God’ Starring Morgan Freeman (Ep. 7, Season 1)

March 28th, 2016

The National Geographic Channel’s new mini-series, called The Story of God, starring actor Morgan Freeman, premiers Sunday, April 3, 9/8c.

The mini-series tackles one major God-related topic per episode–i.e. exploring one question per episode, such as “What happens after we die?” or “Who is God?”–the big questions.

Morgan Freeman has a genuine hunger for these big questions (as you’ll see in the trailer above). He and the crew who traveled with him, including producer James Younger, wanted to dive headfirst into the various religions found on earth (including Christianity) and try to put themselves in the shoes of other people.

I had the chance to speak with James about the mini-series, and we had an interesting chat about Jesus and what “The Story of God” is aiming for in its globetrotting exploration of religion.

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